Authentication by the watchmaker

The first step in activating the Watch Certificate™

The owner of the watch is invited to take his Watch Certificate™ to the Authorised Partner's premises, where his watch will be checked and certified.
The Authorised Partner has the skills, technical know-how and specific equipment to activate the Watch Certificate™.

Who's handling the watch?

At the Approved Partner's, it is a professional watchmaker who takes care of the inspection of the timepiece.

The watchmaker carries out the certification in accordance with the expertise charter defined by Watch Certificate™.

How long does the surgery take?

The operation can be carried out during the day: the owner deposits his watch, then picks it up the same day or the next working day.

The course of the operation

Here is a non-exhaustive overview of the process for the Authorised Partner:
- He logs on to his Watch Certificate™ partner account to access the form to create a Watch Certificate™
- He takes the Watch Certificate™ to be activated.
- He inspects the watch according to the expertise charter and takes the necessary photographs.
- He answers the online form.
- He receives a confirmation email, as does the owner.
- He gives the watch and the Watch Certificate™ to the owner of the watch.

Items inspected


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