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Your Watch Certificate™ in two steps

The partner watchmaker inspects the watch in detail and then an expert validates the certificate remotely based on the watchmaker's report.

Quick and easy certification for all watches

The best watchmakers

Our partner watchmakers are trained to work on all watches and inspect them safely in a timely manner. 

Each watch has its expert

Our watch experts specialize in different brands, periods, and types of watches. They have all the necessary knowledge to authenticate your timepiece. 

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Certification steps

A simple and transparent process with special attention paid to every step


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Inspection by a watchmaker


Validation by an expert


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Why Watch Certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my delivery options?

- An authorized partner is located near you: Order your Watch Certificate™ on our website and then visit your partner. - There is no approved partner near you: from the Contact page, send us a message to arrange a certification with shipment of the watch.

Do I have to be near a watchmaker to get my certification?

The inspection of your watch must be done at one of our partner watchmakers. If there is no partner near you, we can organize a certification and send your watch. Please go to the Contact page of the website.

How to estimate the value of my watch?

If you are not sure of the approximate value of your watch to finalize your Watch Certificate™ order, you can go directly to one of our partner watchmakers who will be able to advise you or contact us via the Contact page so we can guide you.

The best authentication, without fail

Watch Certificate™ offers all owners the most advanced certification in the market. 53 checkpoints, a minimum of 8 HD photos, inspection by a certified watchmaker, and validation by an independent expert, it's all there to provide you with your watch's passport, scalable and unfalsifiable in no time.

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