In case of theft

After a theft, put your watch in opposition

Full assistance will be provided to help you with administrative procedures, prevent the resale of your watch and help you find it.

theft watch protection

Get valuable help in case of loss or theft

  • Each certificate gives you access to exclusive services. Assistance will be provided to you in case of theft of your watch to help you drastically increase your chances of recovery.

  • The serial number of your watch will immediately be blacklisted by the maximum number of players in the watch market, including the manufacturers, worldwide.

Tracking of serial numbers
  • Once the serial number has been blacklisted, we will keep an eye on the watch market. If the watch is spotted, we are notified.

  • To facilitate the recovery of your watch, a conciliation proceeding commences between the different parties: the current owner, the police, insurance company and you.

We are there for you throughout every step

With the police

We help you in your steps to file a police report after the theft of your watch. You can easily submit the essential information about your watch (serial number, photographs, etc.) with Watch Certificate™.

With your insurance company

Thanks to the expertise carried out beforehand, you can prove to your insurance company the value of your watch on the market. The procedure to claim the full compensation for your watch is simplified with Watch Certificate™. 

Certify my watch

Your watch is blacklisted by our partners

At the factory
  • We inform the manufacturer about the theft of your watch directly. Most manufacturers will be able to blacklist the serial number of your watch and block the watch if it appears at one of their authorized service centers.

Through dealers
  • Our team proactively informs as many actors of the watch industry as possible (non-exhaustive list): watchmakers, independent dealers, auction houses, authorized distributors with a Certified Pre-Owned program, and online platforms

With our partner watchmakers
  • Our partner watchmakers help to increase the return rate of stolen watches. When a watch enters the certification process with the watchmakers, the serial number of every watch is systematically checked.

From The Watch Register
  • We forward the information to our partner, The Watch Register, the world's largest database of lost and stolen watches. It is the central database used by authorities, police forces, and insurance companies. The biggest players in the watch market trust this active surveillance network. 

Blacklist your stolen watch

The dedicated service for users with a Watch Certificate™ account.


File a police report


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Report the watch

Certify my watch
watch control

Our partner, The Watch Register, the largest database of lost and stolen watches

International collaboration in face of the growing scourge of watch theft and fraud.

During the certification process, we compare the serial number of a watch with The Watch Register database. If the watch is identified during a search, the watch owner will be alerted and The Watch Register will negotiate the return of the stolen watch.

The Watch Register collaborates with more than 150 auction houses, marketplaces, and industry leaders in various international markets. In 2022, 330 watches have already been located in 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if my watch is found?

If your watch is found, Watch Certificate™ will notify you. If you wish, you will be put in contact with our partner who will accompany you in order to recover it.

I want to have my watch certified, what happens if it was actually reported stolen?

We will inform you immediately and put you in touch with The Watch Register. This international specialist in stolen watches is familiar with the regulations that change from one country to another. Our objective is to accompany you in your steps to justify your good faith and if possible, rehabilitate your watch.

I lost my watch, am I entitled to the same service?

Yes, you can report your watch as lost, in the same way as if it were stolen. However, you will be required to report the loss to the proper authorities.

I don't have a Watch Certificate™, can I still report my watch stolen via Watch Certificate™?

Yes, you can. Simply create a Watch Certificate™ account at  , if you do not have a Watch Certificate™ account. Once you have logged in, click on "Report Stolen Watch". Please note that there is a fee for this feature for watches without a Watch Certificate™.

Can I blacklist a watch without a police report?

No, we are unable to consider a watch as stolen or lost if all the necessary steps with the competent authorities have not been taken. 

The best authentication, without fail

Watch Certificate™ offers all owners the most advanced certification on the market. 53 contraole points, a minimum of 8 HD photos, inspection by a certified watchmaker, validation by an independent expert, it's all there to offer you your watch's passport, scalable and unfalsifiable in no time.

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