Second hand merchants

The authenticity guarantee to sell better and faster 

Accelerate your sales and improve your sourcing with flight condition verification and an authenticity score signed by an independent expert.

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Why Watch Certificate™ is unique

The service that allows you to buy safely,
sell better and generate additional income

Protect yourself when you buy

Before buying a watch, have its authenticity checked in detail and make sure it is not reported stolen. This is essential at a time when counterfeits and fencing are flooding the market.

Reassure your customers

Develop your credibility with an official document signed by a recognized expert. With Watch Certificate™, your customers trust you and you will sell faster, at a better price. 

Additional revenues

More revenue with the sale of new types of products: certificates and exclusive international insurance against theft and breakage. With CRM, all your customers and inventory are accessible in one place to facilitate your business.

Adopted by watchmaking professionals

The digital passport approved by the ecosystem

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Each watch has a history, it is enriched by you

Reassured customers, faster sales
and an enhanced reputation

Boost your credibility beyond your usual circle of buyers thanks to the validation of each watch by recognized independent experts.

Additional income

Insurance referral

With a simple click, refer a client. As soon as they are insured,
you will receive a commission.

Sale of certificates

A new and innovative product to sell to your customers in addition to the usual accessories.

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Benefits for your customers

The watch passport carefully records the watch's history and all transactions. It includes a certificate of non-theft and all transactions are recorded.

This document certifies the market value of the watch. Signed by a recognized expert, it is recognized by all insurance companies.

In case of theft, the serial numbers are blacklisted by the manufacturer and the market players.

Your customers, your rules of the game

On your business account, all your customers are in one place, you can track their collection and contact them easily.

A monthly follow-up shows you all the transactions made as well as your complete inventory.


All inclusive and ready to deploy

Technology and physical cards to be provided with the watch. Pricing is on a sliding scale according to volume.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Watch Certificate™ protect my business and margins?

A technology that allows you to sell better and faster by reassuring the buyer about the condition and authenticity of your watches, and by offering additional services - Watch Certificate™ is a new standard to enhance watches and serve their owners with a detailed account of the watch and its history. A way to easily manage your inventory and contact base. An easy communication tool to share qualitative and standardized information with your customers.

How does this certificate allow me to sell faster?

A way to get the most value out of all watches, including those without a box or paper that typically sell for 20% less. Watch Certificate™ is the most complete certificate on the market and gives the buyer confidence

How are the provenance and authenticity of the pieces verified?

Protect your business against fencing and counterfeiting. Each certificate is checked against the largest database of stolen watches in the world. In addition, the watch receives an expert opinion on the authenticity of each control point.

How do I send the watch for certification if there is no Watch Certificate™ approved watchmaker in my city? 

Watch Certificate™ is available from the best watchmakers - if there is not yet an approved Watch Certificate™ watchmaker in your city, we will arrange insured transportation with the best carriers and insurance for both the outbound and return trip upon request.

What is the cost of the service?

The rate varies according to the market value of the watch to be certified. Depending on your monthly needs, volume pricing applies. 

Why adopt Watch Certificate™?

Independent and secure.

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NFT technology

Digital passports designed according to Web3 best practices, with the highest score in the OpenGem audit: 100/100

GDPR Compliance

The collection of personal data scrupulously complies with the European standards of the GDPR


Third-party organization independent of luxury groups, based on a public blockchain and registered in France

Technology for the best watchmaking professionals

They participate in the Watch Certificate™ eco-system.

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