Watch Certificate™

The Watch Certificate™ attests to the serial numbers. It certifies its market quotation. It also allows you to replace lost papers, to be enforceable in case of theft with your insurance.

 99 €

Free delivery

the value of your watch
Your watch is going to be checked by an expert watchmaker.

Choose the market value of your watch, if you do not know its market value please choose the Watch Certificate™Blue.
By pressing "I buy" you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

After the purchase, you will receive an appointment at an authorized partner near you to perform the authentication of your watch. In the absence of an authorized partner, we will organize the recovery of your watch with our logistician.
You can also obtain your Watch Certificate™ at one of our Authorized Partners.

Watch Certificate™ SteelWatch Certificate™ GoldWatch Certificate™ Black
Watch Certificate™ Steel
Watch Certificate™ Gold
Watch Certificate™ Black
Watches under €5,000
Watches from 5,000 to 15,000
Watches over 15 000 €
45 control points (1)
45 control points (1)
45 control points (1)
Parts condition
Parts condition
Parts condition
Authenticity of the pieces
Authenticity of the pieces
Authenticity of the pieces
Authentication by a certified watchmaker
Authentication by a certified watchmaker
Authentication by a certified watchmaker
Validation by an independent expert
Validation by an independent expert
Validation by an independent expert
Recording in the Blockchain
Recording in the Blockchain
Recording in the Blockchain
Sealing (2)
Sealing (2)
Sealing (2)
Estimate updated annually

What's the Watch Certificate™?

The digital duplicate of your watch
45+ control points(example)
High definition photos: Case, movement, dial, parts and accessories(example)
An authentication and certification process with double verification: local watchmaker(in detail) then independent expert(in detail)
A reputable, unfalsifiable technology based on the Blockchain(Learn more)

What are the reasons for ordering a Watch Certificate™?

I would like to know the value of my watch,
I bought a watch without papers, I would like to be reassured about its authenticity,
I would like to know my watch in more detail,
I would like to sell it more easily with guarantees for the buyer,
I would like to check a watch before buying it (with the agreement of the seller)

How does it work?

1. Order online
2. Go to the partner of your choice or ask for your watch to be collected from my home
3.The watchmaker authenticates 45+ control points on your watch and fills in the form
4. Collect your watch
4. The expert receives the form and authentication from the watchmaker and certifies this information.
5. Your Watch Certificate™ is active and is stored in the blockchain to ensure absolute security
6. You scan the QR code at any time to access your certificate.

What's next?

- I am guaranteed the authenticity of my watch and know its value on the market
- I have HD photos and I know all the information about my watch
- I can sell it serenely at its fair value, if it increases in value I can sell it at the right time
- I can pass it on and leave it to a relative and he will have all the information about the watch,
- In case of theft I have all the necessary information to take the necessary steps with the insurance company and the police services

Watch Certificate™

The certificate is delivered in 1 week.


Do you have a question? Contact us : +33 1 75 85 01 21

No partner in your city?
We will pick up the watch from you and return it to you within 1 week.

After your purchase, let us know if you wish to carry out the certificate without having to travel. 
We organize the reception of your watch in our workshops.
All transfers are carried out by our carrier and are insured at the value of the watch.