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Watch Certificate™

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Then, our team will send you your Watch Certificate™ by tracked postal mail, specifying by email:
- the references of the shipment
- the unique reference of your Watch Certificate™.

If you are in a hurry, don't wait for the parcel: the reference of the certificate is enough for the watchmaker to perform the inspection.

Make an appointment with one of them (list by clickinghere) and bring all the accessories, boxes and paper for the inspection: they help to enhance the value of your watch.

If the inspection is quick, we still advise you to leave your watch with the watchmaker for at least one day. This will allow the expert to ask for clarifications if necessary.

If you cannot go to an authorized watchmaker, choose one and send him your watch by secure and insured mail at the value of your watch. We recommend the services of our partner The transport of the watch, to and from the shop, is to be organized and paid by you.

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The benefits of
Watch Certificate™

Certified market value
  • The market value of your watch is certified by a recognized expert. Thanks to his official signature, it is authentic, notably with all insurance companies.

Assistance in case of theft
  • In the event of theft, Watch Certificate™ will assist you in your efforts to retrieve your watch. We blacklist the watch (its serial numbers) with the brand and all of our partners to curb resale and maximize your chances of finding it.

Complete history
  • The complete history of your watch is recorded in your Watch Certificate™. Each time the certificate is updated at a watchmaker's, the changes are recorded so you can track the evolution of your piece.

Certificate of non theft
  • The first step in the certification process is to compare the watch's serial number to the world's largest database of stolen watches. If the serial number has not been reported, the origin of the watch is considered to be correct and a non-theft attestation is added to the certificate.

Independent expertise
  • The certificate is signed by both the watchmaker who inspected the watch and the expert who validated it. The experts have been selected based on their reputation, competence, and independence. This guarantees the accuracy and transparency of the information.

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Your Watch Certificate™

  • Your Watch Certificate™ is registered in the blockchain in the form of an NFT to constitute a genuine evolving title deed. This is then updated at each event in the life of your watch. The collection of personal data scrupulously complies with European GDPR standards.

53 control points
  • 53 control points are scrutinized during the watch certification process. From the dial, hands, bracelet and to all the accessories, all control points are checked by the watchmaker and then validated by an expert.

High-definition photographs
  • The authorized watchmaker who inspects the watch will take a minimum of 8 high-definition photographs, which includes the movement, interior of the watch and its serial number. This will be done using a specific camera provided by Watch Certificate™. 

  • The certificate is made of stainless steel or titanium for the Watch Certificate™ RED, synonymous with strength and durability. Every Watch Certificate™ measures 86.8mm wide by 54.8mm high and weighs 28g.

Two-step certification

The Inspection

Visit one of our partner watchmakers to have your watch inspected. 53 control points are checked and a minimum of 8 high-definition photos are taken.


The expertise

An independent expert receives the report from the watchmaker and carries out a meticulous analysis of the control points, completes and then validates his expertise. Once validated, the Watch Certificate™ is active.

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What our customers say

"Very innovative! Watch Certificate™ allowed me to authenticate my Rolex and it was much easier to get it insured. I recommend."

Alexandre P.

"Having inherited a valuable watch in my family, I was surprised to have a relevant assessment as to its price. "

Nik S.

"Very innovative! Watch Certificate™ allowed me to authenticate my Rolex and it was much easier to get it insured. I recommend!"

Alexandre A.

"Qualitative service for the estimation and expertise of a watch. I highly recommend."

Georges R.

A true digital title deed

Your watch is inspected by a watchmaker and certified by an expert

Why Watch Certificate™?


Updated at each intervention of the watchmaker - polishing, revision, etc. Everything is recorded digitally to secure the history of your watch.


Prove the anteriority of your watch. If your serial number is stolen by a counterfeiter, you are protected.

Tamper proof

Registered on the blockchain, an NFT makes your certificate an unfalsifiable and unalterable title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my delivery options?

- An authorized partner is located near you: Order your Watch Certificate™ on our website and then visit your partner. - There is no approved partner near you: from the Contact page, send us a message to arrange a certification with shipment of the watch.

Do I have to be near a watchmaker to get my certification?

The inspection of your watch must be done at one of our partner watchmakers. If there is no partner near you, we can organize a certification and send your watch. Please go to the Contact page of the website.

How to estimate the value of my watch?

If you are not sure of the approximate value of your watch to finalize your Watch Certificate™ order, you can go directly to one of our partner watchmakers who will be able to advise you or contact us via the Contact page so we can guide you.

The best authentication, without fail

Watch Certificate™ offers all owners the most advanced certification in the market. 53 checkpoints, a minimum of 8 HD photos, inspection by a certified watchmaker, and validation by an independent expert, it's all there to provide you with your watch's passport, scalable and unfalsifiable in no time.