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Increase the confidence of your buyers to gain market share with our technological know-how to authenticate watches. 

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Why Watch Certificate™ is unique

The plug and play watch certification solution
that unleashes your potential 

More market share

On-demand and systematic white-label certification with assured delivery. Increase your confidence, make your transactions more fluid, and increase both sales volume and selling prices with Watch Certificate™

Trusted third party

This real outsourced watchmaking department allows you to benefit from the logistics and expertise of the world's best specialists in watch certification.

Reduce disputes

Drastically reduce disputes related to full or partial counterfeiting, fraud, and receiving stolen goods between your buyers and sellers

Adopted by watchmaking professionals

The digital passport approved by the ecosystem

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maintain watch

Every watch has a story, we check it for you

Your trusted third party that offers you a complete and detailed certification

From logistics to the expert's signature, everything is integrated. You are now assured of selling authentic products on your platform at the best price and without the risk of litigation.

Additional income

More confidence

Buyers buy with total confidence.

More sales

Accept more ads with your eyes closed and increase traffic.

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Benefits for your customers

Watch Certificate™ records the history of their watch and includes a certificate of non-theft.

It certifies the watch’s market value and is recognised by insurance companies.

In the event of theft, the serial numbers are blacklisted by the manufacturers and market players.

Your customers, your rules of the game

On your professional account, all your clients are in the same place so you can contact them easily and track the progress of the certification.

A complete monthly tracking shows you all the certifications done.


All inclusive and ready to deploy

Technology and physical cards provided with the watch during authentication. Pricing is on a sliding scale according to volume.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are the watches certified?

Watch Certificate™ combines physical inspection by a certified watchmaker, artificial intelligence and remote double-validation by a brand specialist expert. This unique technology enables the deployment of watch authentication on a large scale.

How are the watches transported?

The transport is operated by the best carriers on the market and for each journey, the watch will be protected by a third party insurance. 

What is the difference with third party certificates?

It is the most accurate authentication process on the market (53 control points), which gives a condition and authenticity score that takes into account all the parts of the watch (bezel, crown, hands, dial, movement, etc.). It includes high-definition photos that are accessible to the buyer. We systematically include a verification if the watch is declared stolen, if not we provide a proof of this in the certificate. It is integrated with the independent watchmakers or approved by the brands.

Is it possible to manage large volumes?

It is possible to integrate multiple watchmakers and service centers in your region to handle more volume.

Why adopt Watch Certificate™?

Independent and secure.

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NFT technology

Digital passports designed according to Web3 best practices and have obtained the highest score in the OpenGem audit: 100/100.

GDPR Compliance

The collection of personal data scrupulously complies with the European standards of the GDPR.


Third-party organization independent of luxury groups, based on a public blockchain and registered in France.

Technology for the best watchmaking professionals

They participate in the Watch Certificate™ eco-system.

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