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Gain access to exclusive services for your customers 

Differentiate yourself and increase your revenue by offering new services such as theft assistance and market value insurance.

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Why Watch Certificate™ is unique

The loyalty tool to differentiate yourself from
demanding customers and generate additional revenue

Differentiate yourself

An additional service that sets you apart from your competitors with a new and increasingly demanding clientele looking for innovation. 
Particularly in the context of permanent comparison on the Internet.


Thanks to an innovative product that creates an inalienable link between your establishment, the watch and its owner and places you in the front line if the latter wishes to resell.

Additional revenues

An added income with the sale of a new type of product: Certificates and exclusive international insurance against theft and breakage.

Adopted by watchmaking professionals

The digital passport approved by the ecosystem

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Each watch has a story, it starts in your store

An unbreakable bond is created between you, the watch and its owner.

Your dashboard is enriched in real time by the events of the watch and owner's life cycle - i.e. resale, move, etc.

Additional income

Insurance referral

With a simple click, refer a client. As soon as they are insured,
you will receive a commission.

Sale of certificates

A new and innovative product to sell to your customers in addition to the usual accessories.

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Benefits for your customers

The watch passport carefully records the history and all transactions. It certifies the market value and is recognized by all insurance companies.

In the event of theft, the serial numbers are blacklisted by the manufacturer and the market players.

Your customers, your rules of the game

On your business account, all your customers are in the same place, you can track their collection and contact them easily.

A monthly tracking shows you all the transactions made as well as the complete inventory of your stores.


All included and ready to deploy in your windows

Technology and physical card to be included in the box of the watch at the time of the sale. Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on volume.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Watch Certificate™ help me build customer loyalty?

By offering Watch Certificate™ to your customers, instead of a possible discount for example, you offer them a real ecosystem to keep the watch alive as long as possible. For you, it's a way to keep a link with your customer for future exchanges.

How does this differentiate me from my competitors? 

A service as efficient, useful and comprehensive as this is a competitive advantage for you. The ecosystem accompanies your customers and shows them around every day - making you an important part of their minds before and after the purchase.

What is the cost?

Rates vary according to the volume and value of the watches. No hidden fees, everything is included and ready to deploy. No surprises for an ultra complete product. Contact us now via the Contact page.

What are the benefits of supplemental insurance?

Supplemental insurance is the first insurance that specializes in protecting watches. The insurance offered by Watch Certificate™ protects the watch against assault, accidental breakage, burglary and theft, at its market value. 

What additional services will my customers benefit from?

Customers can subscribe to the additional insurance directly in their personal space. They also have the possibility to request an update of the watch's value, the certificate, to arrange a service at a partner watchmaker, to transfer the ownership of the watch in case of resale and especially to request the blacklisting of the watch in case of theft.

Why join Watch Certificate™?

Independent and secure.

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NFT technology

Digital passports designed according to Web3 best practices, with the highest score in the OpenGem audit: 100/100

GDPR Compliance

The collection of personal data scrupulously complies with the European standards of the GDPR


Third-party organization independent of luxury groups, based on a public blockchain and registered in France

Technology for the best watchmaking professionals

They participate in the Watch Certificate™ eco-system.

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