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Learn about the independent experts who authenticate watches submitted for the Watch Certificate™ within 48 hours of inspection by a certified watchmaker.

Carmelo ARMELI

Expert watchmaker specializing in Rolex

37 years of experience in the watchmaking industry, with 31 years in a major high-end watchmaking company, Carmelo ARMELI specializes in dials and counterfeit identification. He works for the main international auction houses. With a diploma in Watchmaking, Technician, and Microtechnology and a diploma in Quality Technique I, he has acquired a very specialized and varied experience. He started in the R&D department, then the Manufacturing department, and the Quality department. He has also worked on the creation of workshops for the restoration of antique watches within the after-sales service at one of the largest manufacturers, for more than eight years. He currently works for international auction houses.


Expert watchmaker specializing in collector's watches

Son of an antique dealer and passionate about watches since childhood, he is trained with books and technical instructions, he specializes in watches "Tool-watches" and is known for the rare products unearthed in the four corners of the world and with a demanding clientele, he certifies rare watches, especially for auction rooms.

Michael DAHAN

Watchmaking expert specializing in the investigation of counterfeit watches 

With twenty-five years of experience in the world of luxury, he works daily to curb counterfeiting in the high-quality watch industry. Recognized by the largest institutions with which he collaborates, he has expertise in a major asset at Antiquorum, where he holds the position of Director of the Canadian watchmaking division. He is also an advisor to customs services. Michael Dahan remains as an independent expert who guarantees the authenticity of the items brought to him for appraisal. Each piece is examined with the utmost care, engaging his reputation and expertise.


Expert watchmaker and workshop manager at Antiquorum

Etienne is passionate about pocket watches, wristwatches, and clocks. He received his initial training at the Ecole d'Horlogerie de Paris. In 1996, Etienne joined the Antiquorum watchmaking workshop and was promoted to Workshop Manager and only three years later to Expert Horloger. An accomplished watchmaker, Etienne is now the director of the Antiquorum showroom in Geneva. With nearly twenty years of experience in the watch auction market, Etienne is recognized worldwide for his in-depth knowledge of fine watchmaking.


Expert watchmaker specializing in vintage watches

A former billiard player and watch enthusiast, he met Romain Réa, which marked the beginning of a beautiful collaboration and friendship. Now, he has been immersed in the world of watchmaking for over 20 years. After having been director of the Romain Réa parent company in Paris 7eme, he now manages the Romain Réa boutique near Champs Elysées.

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