Insurance for luxury watches in their daily use

Complete your offer and effectively protect your watch-owning customers with an all-inclusive international coverage.

Why Watch Certificate™ is unique

The insurance offer that allows you to insure your customers' watches at last

Customer loyalty

Respond favorably and efficiently to your customers' requests for insurance of their watches against theft, anywhere in the world.

Additional revenues

Simply market a new and innovative insurance product that allows you to insure a very specific type of property.

New clients

An additional service that sets you apart from your competitors with a new and increasingly demanding clientele looking for innovation. 
Particularly in the context of permanent comparison on the Internet.

Adopted by watchmaking professionals

The digital passport approved by the ecosystem

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Every watch has a story, help your customers preserve it

Seize the opportunity to respond effectively to your clients' demand for watch insurance

The most comprehensive insurance for the protection of watches. A program developed in collaboration with valuables specialists that guarantees your clients to be reimbursed at market value.

Additional income

Insurance referral

With a simple click, refer a client. As soon as they are insured,
you will receive a commission

Sale of certificates

A new and innovative product to sell to your customers to reinforce their protection in case of theft

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Benefits for your customers

Watch Certificate™ records the history of their watch and includes a certificate of non-theft.

It certifies the watch’s market value and is recognised by insurance companies.

In the event of theft, the serial numbers are blacklisted by the manufacturers and market players.

Your customers, your rules of the game

On your business account, all your sponsored customers are in the same place, you can follow their subscription and contact them easily.

A complete monthly follow-up shows you all the operations carried out.


All inclusive and ready to deploy

Pricing varies depending on the value of the watch. The premium amount is 40-60% less if the watch is accompanied by its Watch Certificate™.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get paid for the clients I bring in?

All you have to do to refer a client is to go to your professional space and enter his email address. You will be able to follow the progress of their subscription. When your customer validates the quote and signs the contract, you will receive your commissions at the beginning of each month.

What is included in the coverage?

The insurance is one of the most complete on the market. It covers both theft with aggression, theft at home and even accidental breakage anywhere in the world! Above all, the reimbursement in case of a claim is at the market value indicated in the certificate.

How does this offer add to home insurance? 

Home insurance is often limited in terms of amount and type of object. Valuable objects, jewels, watches are not or hardly protected and only at home. Here, watches are insured against theft with aggression, at the market value indicated in the certificate, without problems of wear and tear or discount, anywhere in the world.

Is this insurance compatible with all watches?

All watches, regardless of their value, can be insured at the market value indicated in the certificate.

Who insures the watches?

The proposed insurance is a product created in partnership with ART, a firm specializing in the protection of valuable objects for over 50 years.

Why Watch Certificate™?

Independent and secure.

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NFT technology

Digital passports designed according to Web3 best practices and have obtained the highest score in the OpenGem audit: 100/100.

GDPR Compliance

The collection of personal data scrupulously complies with the European standards of the GDPR.


Third-party organization independent of luxury groups, based on a public blockchain and registered in France.

Technology for the best watchmaking professionals

They participate in the Watch Certificate™ eco-system.

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