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A true digital clone of your watch that attests to its authenticity and value. In the event of theft, it assists you in dealing with the police and insurance companies.

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Protects and enhances, accessible at a glance

Your Watch Certificate™ is a forgery-proof document certifying the authenticity of your watch. An essential tool both for the life of your watch and in the event of resale.

"Finally a solution to fraud. »

As simple as setting the time.

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In a word: trust.

Protect your serial number and information. The certificate is registered on the Blockchain - a technology for storing and transmitting information with a decentralised infrastructure.
More about the Blockchain

Your Watch Certificate can be found in your Tradee account.
Buying a watch?
This is where you will find your certificate.

You sell your watch? 
This is where you will be able to transfer the certificate to the new buyer.

You'll know all about your future watch.
At a glance.

Buying a watch?
No fuss, just fun.

Make sure your future watch is authentic: scan the code on the Watch Certificate™ to see the full history of the watch.

The seller does not have the certificate? Ask him to go through TradeewatchesThe Watch Certificate™ is included with every transaction.

Everything you need to know about a watch.
At a glance.

43 control points.
Verified by a professional watchmaker,
then validated by an independent expert.
What more could you ask for?
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certificate's features.
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A steel card, valid for life.

When you receive your Watch Certificate™ - a high-quality steel card, you get a certificate that is durable and accessible at any time.

The Watch card Certificate™ is machined from the same material as most watches: steel.
And like your watch, it will still be there in 99 years.

28 grams of technology

A little something extra?
Benefit from insurance at the best price.

The Watch Certificate™ allows you to protect your watch
in a few seconds against breakage, and above all against theft - even outside the home - by benefiting from an advantageous rate. The insurance offer is available soon, join the waiting list to be among the first insured.

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