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The digital passport that authenticates, certifies and insures all watches

Watch certificate authentication card
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Complete history

Blacklisting in case of theft

Certified market value

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Complete history

Blacklisting in case of theft

Certified market value

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A true digital passport

Records all key events in the life of your watch.

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Updated at each intervention of the watchmaker - polishing, revision, etc. Everything is recorded digitally to secure the history of your watch.


Prove the anteriority of your watch. If your serial number is stolen by a counterfeiter, you are protected.

Tamper proof

Registered on the blockchain, an NFT makes your watch passport a forgery-proof, unalterable document.

More than just a

The all-in-one solution to buy better, sell faster and protect all your watches

Wear your watch with peace of mind

The comprehensive Watch Certificate™ ecosystem allows you to insure your watch against all of life's hazards, and the included assistance accompanies you in case of theft.

Increase the value of your collection

The estimation of your watch by an independent expert allows you to know its market value. This is useful when you know that a watch accompanied by a certificate of authenticity increases in value by 20% on average.

Make it easy to buy and resell

You want to sell your watch? Sell it quickly and at the right price. Are you a buyer? You are reassured thanks to the certification by a recognized independent expert.

How to certify a watch
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"This is exactly what the new generation of collectors wants."

Rémi Guillemin
Director of the Watch Department at Christie's Geneva
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"I'm in love with your concept, it's great."

David Faletic
Le Labo Horloger - Metz
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"Very innovative! Watch Certificate™ allowed me to authenticate my Rolex and it was much easier to get it insured. I recommend."

Alexandre Pouteau
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The steps
of the certification

A simple and transparent process with special attention paid to every step


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Inspection by a watchmaker


Validation by an expert


Your passport is active

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"The procedure combines the experience and knowledge of watchmakers and experts with the reliability of blockchain. It's the perfect tool for any watch!"

Carmelo Armeli
Independent expert

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can update my Watch Certificate™?

Your Watch Certificate™ is upgradeable and it records the history of your watch. All of our authorized watchmakers can update your certificate, by appointment only. You can also request an update on the market value of your watch remotely (e.g. filing an insurance claim). An independent expert will validate the new market value of your watch within 48 hours, on average.

What is the point of having a Watch Certificate™ to insure my watch?

Watch Certificate™ makes life so much easier that it is hard to do without it, as it proves to the insurer: - the existence - the condition - authenticity - market value Thanks to the official signature of a recognized expert, this certificate is authentic with all insurance companies. In case of theft, the serial numbers of the watch are blacklisted by the main retailers and the brand. Moreover, you can download the PDF version of your certificate and send it to your insurance company to save you a lot of time searching for documents.

I already have the original box, papers and invoice. Why make a Watch Certificate™?

Unfortunately, today, a certificate of origin is very easily falsifiable and holds no evolving information, no photos and cannot justify the authenticity of the watch and its components at a moment T. On the other hand Watch Certificate™ is the ideal tool to justify the market value of a watch to its insurance or to reassure a potential buyer in a transaction.

How long does certification take?

The inspection by a watchmaker takes less than an hour. Depending on the availability of the expert, the watch can be kept by the watchmaker for additional photos. Once the inspection is completed, you can leave with your watch and its accessories. You will be notified of the expert's validation within 48 hours on average.

How do I send my watch for certification?

You can hand-deliver your watch to one of our partner watchmakers after making an appointment. If you prefer, we can organize a certification with shipment of your watch. To arrange for a shipment, please contact us via the Contact page in our website.

Where can I purchase a Watch Certificate™?

You have the option of ordering your Watch Certificate™ on our Order a Watch Certificate™ page or directly from an authorized partner.

The best authentication, without fail

Watch Certificate™ offers all owners the most advanced certification on the market. 53 checkpoints, a minimum of 8 high-definition photos, inspection by a certified watchmaker, validation by an independent expert, everything is there to offer you your watch's passport, evolving and unfalsifiable in no time.