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The certificate of authenticity for luxury watches

Protect your assets.

The digital duplicate of your watch,
authenticated by a watchmaker and certified by an expert.
The Watch Certificate™ allows the certification of your watch, it attests to its value on the market. In case of theft, the watch certificate is approved with your insurance.
starting from 99€
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Which Watch Certificate™ do you need?

Watch Certificate™ SteelWatch Certificate™ GoldWatch Certificate™ Black
Watch Certificate™ Steel
Watch Certificate™ Gold
Watch Certificate™ Black
Watches under €5,000
Watches from €5,000 to €15,000
Watches above 15 000€.
"Finally, a solution to fraud. »

As simple as setting the time.

Activation in 72 hours
An expert certifies
your Watch Certificate™
Get your
Watch Certificate™
More than a certificate, a true digital double
It accompanies your luxury watch from its acquisition to its resale
A recognized and absolutely forgery-proof technology
Data is decentralized to protect its integrity
For more information, see Our vision and Trademarks and counterfeiting
A portfolio of services today,
and more tomorrow
At your side from purchase to resale, as well as in case of theft.
Watch Certificate™ Blue
The dream gift
for watch enthusiasts
The new standard that reassures
Thanks to the completeness of its control points and their objectivity, both concerning the external and internal aspects of the watch, the certificate secures 
both the seller and the buyer.

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