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Effectively manage batch operations with a dashboard and a single source of data for your employees, the catalog, the showcases and your customers.

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Why Watch Certificate™ is unique

A tool that facilitates the management of lots and the management of the relationship with buyers, before and after the sale.

Record more easily

With complete security, have the authenticity of the lots checked in detail and ensure that they were not reported stolen. This is indispensable at a time when counterfeit watches are flooding the market.

Sell better

Present lots in their best light, and drive a single source of data used directly in the catalog, storefronts and website. Easily optimize your hammer results.

Manage customer relations

After the sale, find all your buyers and the lots sold in the same place. Facilitate future exchanges and source parts for future sales.

Adopted by watchmaking professionals

The digital passport approved by the ecosystem

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Each watch has a history, it is embellished thanks to you

Watch Certificate™ adds value to your lots, reassures customers and simplifies sales

A comprehensive and scalable CRM that allows you to share batch records and pre-sales condition reports to maximize your results.

Save time

Centralized catalog

Handle the part only once and find all the batches in your dashboard. Enrich this passport afterwards according to your needs.

Shareable passport

A single record per lot, with or without a condition report. The passport is accessible by email, messaging, online, at your physical storefront and in your paper catalog. 

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Benefits for your customers

The passport of their watch carefully records the history. It includes a certificate of non-theft and all operations are recorded on it.

This document certifies the market value. It is signed by a recognized expert which makes it admissible by all insurance companies.

In the event of theft, the serial numbers are blacklisted with the manufacture and the market players.

Your customers, your rules of the game

On your professional account, all your customers are in the same place, you can follow their collection and contact them easily.

A monthly follow-up shows you all the operations carried out as well as the complete inventory of consigned and sold lots.


All inclusive and ready to deploy

Technology and physical cards to be provided with the watch. Pricing is on a sliding scale according to volume.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who pays for the certificate?

We recommend that you include the certificate in the sales commission charged to your customer. This will not add any extra cost to you while you make the lot even more attractive with a Watch Certificate™. 

What is the point of the certificate before the sale?

Before the sale, a single file per lot is published. It is accessible online, in the window and in the catalog via a QR code. All data proving the authenticity and the condition of the watch are visible to any bidder. You save time and the lots are ready to perform at their best.

What is the difference with a Condition Report?

The anonymity of the buyers is guaranteed. After the sale, the buyer must claim the ownership of the lot by scanning the certificate. He has the choice to share his details with your customer file. In any case, no data is public.

Is anonymity of the buyers guaranteed?

The anonymity of the buyers is guaranteed. After the sale, the buyer must claim the ownership of the lot by scanning the certificate. He has the choice to share his details with your customer file. In any case, no data is public.

We already have our in-house experts. Can they sign the certificates?

Yes it is planned, they will then have "Expert" accounts that will allow them to sign your lots from another dedicated interface.

Why adopt Watch Certificate™?

Independent and secure.

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NFT technology

Digital passports designed according to Web3 best practices, with the highest score in the OpenGem audit: 100/100

GDPR Compliance

The collection of personal data scrupulously complies with the European standards of the GDPR


Third-party organization independent of luxury groups, based on a public blockchain and registered in France

Technology for the best watchmaking professionals

They participate in the Watch Certificate™ eco-system.

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