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Why Watch Certificate™?

Protect your most valuable asset with the most complete solution to authenticate, appraise and insure any watch.

Wear your watch with peace of mind

The solution to protect your watch.

By guaranteeing its authenticity, and value and by offering you numerous associated services, we help you to keep your watch safe.

Blacklist a stolen watch and insure your watch against theft with aggression are two of the services available to you. 

Prove the market value of your watch

Your Watch Certificate™ shows the market value of your watch.

Your watch is one of your most valuable possessions, but your insurer may not be aware of its replacement value.

Moreover, its value tends to increase over time instead of decrease. With Watch Certificate™, there is no need to have a recent invoice for your antique watch as Watch Certificate™ is recognized and can prove its replacement value on the market.

Make it easy to buy and resell

Stressing out when you buy a watch? With Watch Certificate™, that's history.

Go to one of the authorized watchmakers and have the watch you want to buy inspected.

You will know the exact authenticity of each part that makes up the watch. If everything is good, you can then purchase your new watch.

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What our customers say

"Very innovative! Watch Certificate™ allowed me to authenticate my Rolex and it was much easier to get it insured. I recommend."

Alexandre P.

"Having inherited a valuable watch in my family, I was surprised to have a relevant assessment as to its price. "

Nik S.

"Very innovative! Watch Certificate™ allowed me to authenticate my Rolex and it was much easier to get it insured. I recommend!"

Alexandre A.

"Qualitative service for the estimation and expertise of a watch. I highly recommend."

Georges R.

A true digital double

What happens when you activate a certificate?

Your Watch Certificate™ keeps an "identity record" of your watch, securely in the Blockchain.  It is accessible when you scan the QR code on your card to view it, and you can easily share information about your watch with a potential buyer. Anonymity is preserved throughout the process and data is encrypted to prevent the infringement of privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I purchase a Watch Certificate™?

You have the option of ordering your Watch Certificate™ on our Order a Watch Certificate™ page or directly from an authorized partner.

How do I send my watch for certification?

You can hand-deliver your watch to one of our partner watchmakers after making an appointment. If you prefer, we can organize a certification with shipment of your watch. To arrange for a shipment, please contact us via the Contact page in our website.

How long does certification take?

The inspection by a watchmaker takes less than an hour. Depending on the availability of the expert, the watch can be kept by the watchmaker for additional photos. Once the inspection is completed, you can leave with your watch and its accessories. You will be notified of the expert's validation within 48 hours on average.

I already have the original box, papers and invoice. Why make a Watch Certificate™?

Unfortunately, today, a certificate of origin is very easily falsifiable and holds no evolving information, no photos and cannot justify the authenticity of the watch and its components at a moment T. On the other hand Watch Certificate™ is the ideal tool to justify the market value of a watch to its insurance or to reassure a potential buyer in a transaction.

Who can update my Watch Certificate™?

Your Watch Certificate™ is upgradeable and it records the history of your watch. All of our authorized watchmakers can update your certificate, by appointment only. You can also request an update on the market value of your watch remotely (e.g. filing an insurance claim). An independent expert will validate the new market value of your watch within 48 hours, on average.

The best authentication, without fail

Watch Certificate™ offers all owners the most advanced certification in the market. 53 checkpoints, a minimum of 8 HD photos, inspection by a certified watchmaker, and validation by an independent expert, it's all there to provide you with your watch's passport, scalable and unfalsifiable in no time.

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