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Certification by an independent expert

The second step in activating the Watch Certificate™

An authentication has been carried out by a professional watchmaker at the Authorised Partner's premises.
An independent expert intervenes: he carries out a meticulous analysis of the control points, completes, corrects, and then validates his expertise.

The updated Watch Certificate™ is then certified.
The owner is informed by SMS.
The Watch Certificate™ is registered in the Blockchain. It becomes tamper-proof and can only be consulted at any time by its owner.

How soon?

The majority of cases are dealt with within 48 hours, this period can be extended but can in no case exceed 5 working days.

The Authorised Partner receives a confirmation email, as does the owner of the watch.

The data from the Watch Certificate™ is then stored in the Blockchain.

Who's notified?

The Authorized Partner who owns the watch also.

The data is then recorded in the Blockchain within 24 hours.

Finally, the owner of the watch receives a confirmation email.

What is the responsibility of the expert?

The independent expert engages his professional liability when completing a certificate.

All independent experts have professional liability insurance.

More information

Aiming for perfection

The expert may request additional photographs for the performance of his appraisal mission.
In the event of disagreement on the valuation range of a watch, an exchange between the watchmaker and the expert is established in order to find a suitable valuation.