Watch Certificate: authentication certificate for luxury watches
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The life cycle

Protects and enhances the watch from purchase to resale.

Buying a watch with its certificate
Thanks to its process of authentication (by an approved partner watchmaker) then certification (by an independent expert) the Watch Certificate™ assures the purchaser of the authenticity and quality of his or her timepiece. It offers a guarantee of objectivity, transparency, and exclusive services (insurance, theft, breakage, evolution of the coast,... ). The Watch Certificate™ thus contributes to the fight against counterfeiting on the second-hand watch market.

Owning a watch
The Watch Certificate™ enhances the value of a watch or a collection by delivering a genuine digital duplicate of the timepiece, which can be consulted at any time and is based on forgery-proof technology. It is proof of authenticity and a witness to the history of the watch. The Watch Certificate™ contributes to the value of the watch. It also protects its owner in the event of theft, burglary, or robbery. Finally, the Watch Certificate™ makes it easier to deal with your insurance company.

Selling a watch
The Watch Certificate™ certifies the history, authenticity, condition, and therefore the value of the watch to facilitate the transaction, by affixing the signature of a watchmaker and then that of an expert for a sale under the best possible conditions and in compliance with the rights and guarantees of the parties involved.
The Watch

is multilingual: French, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese. Certificate™Transmit your timekeeper
With a simple click by the owner, it is possible to transmit the Watch Certificate™. Whether symbolic or legal, this action acts as a transfer of ownership of a watch to its new owner.
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