From purchase to activation

The purchase of the Watch Certificate™

In store:
- From one of the resellers of the Watch

- The reseller delivers the Watch Certificate™ in store
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- Order the Watch Certificate™ on the watchcertificate.com website Certificate™ - The customer receives the Watch Certificate™ card by post within 72 hours

The Watch Certificate™ must be activated to be active.

Activation at the watchmaker's

Activating your Watch Certificate™ is a 2-step process:

1. Inspection of the watch

- The Watch
team proposes an appointment with one of the watchmakers Authorised Partner
- You bring the watch to be checked, as well as your Watch Certificate™
- The Authorised Partner carries out the inspection of your watch
- You leave with your watch and the Watch Certificate™
Access the list of Authorised Partners

The final step: activation of the Watch Certificate™ by an independent expert

- An independent expert approved by Watch Certificate™ carries out the certification of each of the control points and then validates the certificate within 72 hours.
- Your Watch Certificate™ is activated then registered in the Blockchain
- The digital duplicate of your watch is activated, registered in the blockchain, tamper-proof and can be consulted for life

More about the experts

The owner of the Watch Certificate™ is notified of its activation by email.

The Watch Certificate™ is active

Your Watch Certificate™ is active
The Watch Certificate™ is activated, the certificate is accessible thanks to the QR code on the card.

You can use the Watch Certificate™ in several situations:
- to take out insurance
- in case of resale of the watch
- in case of theft