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How to service your watch? - Watch Certificate

How to service your watch? - Watch Certificate
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Watch Certificate™
April 2023

In order to have your watch properly serviced, contact a certified watchmaker or a certified independent expert.

Here are the 8 steps of the revision of a watch:

Dismantling the box

The bracelet is detached from the watch and the case is dismantled.

Movement cleaning

The movement is disassembled and each component is carefully cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

Replacement of worn components

Every component of the movement is meticulously examined. Worn components are replaced.

Re-assembly and lubrication of the movement

The movement is carefully reassembled. The certified watchmaker lubricates the contact points with all his dexterity and the best lubricants. This ensures the long-term performance of the movement.

Watch A. Lange & Söhne with its Watch Certificate Steel on the left
Getting your watch serviced

Movement adjustment and control of its parameters

The movement's progress is regulated and its parameters are controlled according to strict quality standards.

Cleaning and refreshing the case and bracelet

The original brilliance of the case and the metal bracelet are skillfully restored while taking care to preserve the basic shape of each component.

Reassembling the box and restoring the seal

The case is reassembled and all seals are replaced. You can also have it insured once you have taken out a Watch Certificate.

Complete quality control

The functional and aesthetic parameters of the watch are checked.


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