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Testimonial partner: the auction house Antiquorum SA

Founded in 1974 in Geneva, Antiquorum SA is the oldest auction house specialising in watches.

Extract from an interview with Romain REA, CEO of Antiquorum - November 2020
Why the Watch Certificate™?
Watch Certificate™ is a direct response to the expectations of today's customers. We worked with them because Watch Certificate™ was the first in the market to offer this type of service, and it does so in the best possible way, with professionalism and efficiency.
For example, their team comes to the auction preparation stage to complete all the necessary documents, using the expertise of Antiquorum's specialists.
The Watch Certificate™ is included during your sales in Geneva, is it soon to be included for sales in Asia?
Of course, the new owner of a watch purchased at one of our auctions in Geneva is welcome to come to our Geneva offices to pick up his Watch Certificate™ with his lot(s).
Furthermore, if a customer comes only to buy a Watch Certificate™, we are able to deliver it.
In the near future, we would like to extend this service to our Hong Kong office.
When did you start checking every watch auctioned with the Watch Certificate™?
We started this collaboration for our June auction in Geneva (June 28, 2020) and we are extremely proud to be the first auction house to work with the Watch certificate Certificate™.
Your opinion on Blockchain technology and the collector's watch market?
All auction houses should try to go in that direction. If they do not, they will lose some of their credibility in the international market. We simply follow market developments and meet our clients' expectations. Indeed, nowadays, buyers are looking for more and more transparency, safety, and security on lots.

Extract from an interview with Romain REA, CEO of Antiquorum - November 2020