Security, in case of theft

In the event of theft or burglary, the Watch Certificate™ helps the owner with police and insurance procedures.
- With the Police Services
Your Watch Certificate™ helps you in your efforts to lodge a complaint after the theft of your watch: it easily transmits all the characteristics and information about your watch (serial numbers, technical specifications, photographs). These elements are essential for the complaint to be accepted.

How to proceed:

1. Print your Watch Certificate™: scan your Watch Certificate™ card, from your browser, use the "Print" function.

2. Take the printed version of the Watch
to the police station, take the Watch Certificate™ card with you in case you are asked for it. Certificate™
3. File your complaint.
- With the insurance companies
Your Watch Certificate™ helps you to obtain the fairest compensation from your insurer after the theft of your watch.

The Watch Certificate™ proves to the insurer the value of the watch on the market thanks to the expertise carried out by our expert, which simplifies the steps to obtain compensation.
Indeed when you have no documents proving that you are the owner of the watch or the market value of your timepiece, the insurer will choose the purchase price value on the basis of the invoice and then apply a discount for each year.

This principle goes against the second-hand watch market where the value of vintage, collector's or large collection watches tend to appreciate over time.

Why does the Watch Certificate™ prove thevalue of the watch?

The Watch Certificate™ is established by a watchmaking professional and then by an independent expert.
They jointly attest to the authenticity and the real value of your watch.

How to do:

1 - File a complaint online or at the Police Court
2 - Send the theft report to your insurer, accompanied by the digital link to your Watch Certificate™:
3 - Scan your Watch Certificate™ card, from your browser, use the "Share" or "Copy link" function to attach it to your file

The Watch Certificate™ mentions the market value of your watch, validated by a professional watchmaker and an independent expert.
- From the manufacturers
The Watch team Certificate™ is at your disposal to accompany you in the event that your watch is stolen.
On request, we will contact the manufacturer of your watch to alert them of its theft.

The consequences vary according to the brand:

Red listing: the serial number of the watch is listed in the red list. The watch is declared by the brand as stolen in its own and wholesale network.

Confiscation of the watch: when a stolen watch appears at one of the official retailers of a watch brand's network, the watch is confiscated to be declared to the authorities and can be returned to its owner.

How to do:

- Alert the Watch Certificate™ team from the contact form on the www site.watchcertificate.com
- The serial number is reported to the Watch Certificate™ authorized partners, and the owner is alerted if someone tries to resell the watch.
- Theft is also reported to the manufacturer so that the watch can be confiscated if it appears at an official Watch retailer or in the wholesale network.