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Watch Certificate™: international expansion

Watch Certificate™: international expansion
Written by
Watch Certificate™
April 2023

The world of luxury watches is constantly evolving, and Watch Certificate™ is expanding its horizons beyond European borders. In recent months, our expansion into Asia has marked a significant step in our journey towards a global presence.

Our strategic partnership with 24 Kara in Vietnam has played a key role in this expansion. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and quality, 24 Kara shares our vision of preserving the value and authenticity of luxury watches. This collaboration enables Watch Certificate™ to anchor its innovative technology in Asia's dynamic watchmaking fabric.

The rise of Watch Certificate™ in Asia is not limited to watchmaking partners, but also encompasses the growing adoption of our technology by watch owners and watch professionals in the region. The tangible benefits of our blockchain-based certification solution, combined with our uncompromising approach to security and transparency, have generated strong interest among Asian watch enthusiasts.

This expansion into Asia represents a new era for Watch Certificate™, where our revolutionary technology becomes a key player in the Asian watchmaking landscape. We are proud to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of luxury watches in Asia, offering an unrivalled solution for enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

As we continue our international ascent, we are determined to establish meaningful partnerships and offer our certification solution to an ever-widening global audience. Watch Certificate™ is positioned as the guarantor of authenticity, security and value for luxury watches, shaping the future of watchmaking on the global stage.


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