The new insurance that covers mugging

Theft & Damage Watch Certificate™ Insurance. Together, let's protect what you hold dear.
Your insurance premium is estimated at € XXX including VAT. 
Your insurance premium is estimated at € XXX including VAT. 
At the moment our insurance covers up to €10,000.
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To enroll in insurance, I certify my watch with the Watch Certificate™.

To insure something that is dear to you, we need to know about it. The Watch Certificate™ is made within 72 hours in the workshop of an approved watchmaker near you or without moving you by insured parcel to our workshops with a return within a week. Here is an example.

I get a Watch Certificate™
Theft & Damage insurance from the people who know your watch best
You are insured outside your home
All models
up to 10 000€
can be insured
The 1st French coverage against mugging
You are protected
(except Syria, Burma...)
100% online membership
The only condition? That your certificate is less than 30 days old.
If your certificate is older, contact us to arrange an update.
A partnership that meets your expectations

In order to offer you this unique insurance on the French market, we have partnered with one of the largest insurers in the world, through the French insurance company Seyna. This company is approved by the ACPR in property and casualty insurance. Watch Certificate™ / Tradee SAS is registered as an insurance intermediary agent with the ORIAS, under number 20006494.

You choose your level of protection: Damage, theft or both.

Property & Casualty Insurance
Accidental damage guarantee up to 700€, without deductible.
We pay the cost of the repair up to 700€.
You don't pay a deductible
In case of damage, you will receive a repair estimate from a watchmaker
You are compensated in case of damage: glass breakage, impact on the case, ...
The price remains the same, regardless of the value of the timepiece: 50 € per year including VAT
Theft Insurance
Covers mugging, places your serial number on the red list.
You will be compensated in case of mugging
Watch Certificate™ will assist you in the event of a theft
You will be reimbursed at the value of the high estimate in the certificate
You will be compensated quickly after reporting the theft
You are protected anywhere, anytime
Secure your wealth now.
Start by certifying your
watch with a Watch Certificate™ :
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Consult all the conditions and guarantees offered by our theft & damage insurance here