Watch Certificate: authentication certificate for luxury watches
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Technical roadmap

Summer 2022
Integrity score
Watch Certificate™ tracks the evolution of watches over time through periodic inspections that include high definition photography. Watch Certificate™ refines its nomenclature and grading algorithm for vintage pieces with expert knowledge.
Summer 2022
Data in Switzerland or Europe
Watch Certificate™ plans to move all its data to be physically stored and operated in Switzerland or Europe.
May 2022
All risk insurance including street theft, for watches of any value, in any country. Available for French, Monegasque and Swiss residents. This insurance is offered by ART, an insurance broker specialising in valuables.
June 2022
Each certificate becomes an NFT, thus delivering a true digital title on the blockchain, transferable between the wallets of two owners. This title is accessible from the Wallet application on the iPhone.
May 2022
Flight recovery
If a stolen watch reappears in one of the main resale channels, either physical or digital, a negotiator contacts the former and new owners in order to reach an agreement.
May 2022
Black list
Instantly blacklisting the serial numbers of a stolen watch, the information is shared with the entire ecosystem, including Rolex, Christie's, Chrono24 and over 100 others.
April 2022
Check if the watch is stolen
Every Watch Certificate™ now includes a flight status check with The Watch Register
Certify your watch with the Watch Certificate™
Protect and enhance it with 53 control points verified by a watchmaker and validated by an expert