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Who are we?

A portrait of the two founders of Tradee

Confidence In Latin etymology, the verb to confide (from the Latin confidere: cum, "with" and faithful "proud") means to hand over something precious to someone, trusting in him and thus abandoning oneself to his benevolence and good faith.

The finding

If you have already bought or sold a valuable watch, you know the questions that systematically arise on this occasion: authenticity, the condition of the various elements, the fair market price, access to the history of the watch.

The act of buying on the second-hand market is above all a question of trust and there is no real trust without expertise and know-how.

To position yourself as a true trusted third party in this market, you must keep the link between the authenticated watch, its owner, and its certificate. To do this, traceability is necessary and indispensable.

We at Watch Certificate™ are convinced that technology must contribute to restoring the trust of a multi-secular sector.

This is how the Watch Certificate™ adventure was born!

Our objective is simple: to be the trusted third party that guarantees the link between the watch and its owner through the certificate WatchCertificate™, by offering a whole range of innovative services for our customers and partners.

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The management team

The Watch team Certificate™ is undoubtedly one of its biggest assets. Experienced and complementary, it draws on the expertise of successful entrepreneurs, luxury watchmaking professionals, collectors, and new technology professionals:

CEO & Co-Founder, successful entrepreneur, 30 years of experience in luxury and new technologies.

Guillaume KUNTZ
COO & Co-Founder, entrepreneur in new technologies, 10 years of experience.

Olivier PEREZ
Head of Business, consultant, and shareholder, 20+ years of experience in the new technologies and luxury sector as customer and supplier.

The company

Watch Certificate™ is a trademark of Tradee, a Société par Actions Simplifiée (SAS) with a capital of €267,529 Siren: 800 862 112 R.C.S. Paris. Its registered office is at 10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris.

Tradee is registered with the Organisme pour le unique registre des intermédiaires en assurance, banque et finance (ORIAS) under number 20006494.

Tradee is selected and supported by the HEC incubator.

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