Watch Certificate: authentication certificate for luxury watches
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Updating your Watch Certificate™

Full update

The complete update of your Watch Certificate™ is carried out exclusively by visiting an approved Watch Certificate™ watchmaker.
On this occasion the watchmaker takes new photographs of your watch and rechecks all the control points.

When to carry out this update?
We suggest that you update your Watch Certificate™ during maintenance, servicing, polishing, repair - or at any other event in the life of your watch.
In the event of resale, we strongly recommend that you perform an update in order to reassure your buyer, but also to protect you legally in case the buyer questions the condition or authenticity of the piece after its purchase.

To carry out this update, contact an approved watchmaker with your existing certificate, the watchmaker will charge you for taking the photographs before updating your Watch Certificate™.

Update of the market estimate only

You can request a new estimate of the market value of your watch at any time without having to go anywhere.
To do this, open your Watch Certificate™, in the "MARKET VALUE" section, use the "Request an Update" button to order a new estimate.
An independent appraiser will then be called in and you will receive their findings within a few days.
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