Certifying a luxury watch

Have your watch certified to be sure of its authenticity.
A complete expertise of your watch :

Get my certificate
Rolex with its Steel certificate and its digital version on Smartphone
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Are you buying a watch online?
Proceed to its certification without delay.

With the large number of counterfeits in circulation, the quality of new copies, many buyers unknowingly acquire a counterfeit watch.

It is essential to have your watch checked as soon as possible to ensure that you have purchased a genuine product.

In the event of a counterfeit, you will be issued with a certificate that will enable you to assert your rights without delay with the online sales platform.

Are you buying a watch at auction?
Demand a certificate from the auction house.

The auction house does not yet work with Watch Certificate™?
Contact us on +33 (0)1 75 85 01 21.

Did you buy a watch from a private person?
Have it certified immediately.

And register the change of ownership with the Watch Certificate™.

Which Watch Certificate™ do you need?

Watch Certificate SteelWatch Certificate GoldWatch Certificate Black
Watch Certificate™ Steel
Watch Certificate™ Gold
Watch Certificate™ Black
Watches with a market value
of less than €5,000
Watches with a market value
of €5,000 to €15,000
Watches with a market value
of €15,000 to €50,000 (beyond that, please consult us)